#WhyWeDoResearch is a twitter campaign aimed at raising research awareness for healthcare professionals, patients and public.

#WhyWeDoResearch was created by Claire Whitehouse, Lead Nurse Research at the James Paget University Hospital Foundation Trust, Norfolk, UK. Within five months of launching #WhyWeDoResearch it had reached 14 countries and gained 2,364 participants. This has now grown to over 23 countries with over 24,000 participants, more than 400 million impressions and over 250,000 tweets. The Irish Research Nurses Network is delighted to the first Irish collaborators of this campaign and invites all its members and their friends to take part.

To join in just pose for a photograph holding a placard explaining in simple terms why doing research is important for you using the hashtag #WhyWeDoResearch. You can tweet the photography yourself or you can send it to [email protected] and we can tweet for you from our account @Irish_RNN! We have posted some photos from the committee members with their #WhyWeDoResearch photos.

Website: Why We Do Research Website
Twitter Campaign: http://twitter.com/hashtag/whywedoresearch

Yhnell et al (February 2019) #WhyWeDoResearch: Raising research awareness and opportunities for patients, public and staff through Twitter Research for All, 3(1), pp. 7-17(11)

#WhyWeDoResearch Tweetfests

Each year to mark International Clinical Trials Day #WhyWeDoResearch hosts a tweetfest.

A tweetfest is a festival of tweets! It is a week, or more, full of #WhyWeDoResearch tweetchats covering all sorts of areas in healthcare.

The first tweetfest was held in 2016: http://whywedoresearch.weebly.com/tweetfest-16th—20th-may-2016.html 

And was also held in 2017 (http://whywedoresearch.weebly.com/tweetfest2017.html#) and 2018 (http://whywedoresearch.weebly.com/tweetfest-2018.html#).

The 2019 tweetfest (Monday 13th – Sunday 19th of May) is currently being planned. Please get in touch with @Clairew_UK if you would like or are interested in a hosting a #WhyWeDoResearch tweetchat.

Why We Do Research Videos