Stimulus Award 2019: Social, Nursing, and Allied Health Sciences

HRB-CRCI/IRNN Research Nurse/Midwife Support & Development Grant
June 9, 2017

Stimulus Award
The purpose of the Irish Cancer Society Stimulus Award is to provide early- to mid-stage cancer researchers, nurses, and allied health professionals with an opportunity to drive forward a research project which, if given an injection of funding, has the potential to be both highly competitive and impactful.

The aims of the Stimulus Award are to:
support activities necessary to evolve an existing research project, or stimulate a new research project, to a point where it can be considered competitive for leveraging large-scale extramural funding;
examine the efficacy of current clinical practice and policy in enhancing cancer care and outcomes;
build capacity in underexplored areas;
support the career development of the researcher, nurse, or allied health professional;
foster national and international collaborations to promote innovation;
help develop key policies which aim to improve cancer outcomes;
help find a strategic output that will be impactful to the cancer community;
further the cancer research knowledge base.
The Stimulus award is open to academic researchers, nurses, and allied health professionals working with those affected by cancer.

The maximum funding granted for the Stimulus Award is €30,000 over 12 months.
Submission deadline: 3pm Wednesday 17 July 2019

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